We offer a range of specialisedservices to our clients. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Specialised Services

Specialised services

Sometimes a specialist clean is needed, this could be an end of tenancy/ void property clean, hoarding support and decluttering service or needles and sharps clearance.

Having a team who specialise in these more complex and personal areas of our industry means we can offer more than just a regular cleaning service. We are able to come in and help you or your client with their needs.

For further information please contact our team directly who will be able to discuss your requirements.

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Sharps Removal

Sharps Removal

Sharps are not only needles, a sharp is defined as something that may cause a puncture to the skin. Needles and sharps need to be handled and disposed of in secure ways to protect all of those around them. Our select team has completed approved training in this area, and we are proud to be able to offer sweeps as a specialist service.

End-of-tenancy & void properties

End-of-tenancy & void properties

Sometimes as a landlord you are faced with the unthinkable at the end of a tenancy.

Our team are fully trained and we are proud to be able to offer void clearances as a specialist service, therefore reducing the worry and stress for you.



We understand how easy it can be to become overwhelmed with life and soon the clutter may build. Similarly, for those who hoard items.

We know the impact this can have on people's physical and mental health and are proud to be able to offer a bespoke and tailor-made plan to help you feel in control, while working with you and ensuring you receive the best possible service from a caring and empathetic team.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

The carpets in our homes and offices can take a battering, sometimes they need more than just a hoover!

Our professional grade carpet cleaning system will ensure those hidden nasties are gone!

Flexible contract options

With our flexible contract options you have the freedom to tailor your contract to your requirements. Also allowing you the flexibility of increases or decreases should the need arise without being tied in.

Key safe

There is no need to worry about not being in when your cleaner arrives. We operate a safe and secure key protocol to gain access to your premises when needed. This also includes alarm and access codes.

Cleaning materials

We are able to supply the cleaning products for use on site or, you can provide them if that suits your needs better.


Our team are all trained and certified by ROSPA approved courses. For further information regarding the training our team undertake please contact us.

Health & Safety

We are a health & safety compliant company and possess a very positive approach when it comes to providing our services and keeping everyone around us safe. ​

Happy team

The Suzie's Deeds team are handpicked based on their experience and qualities they can bring to our business. We are proud to offer them ongoing training, a pension scheme, fair working conditions, fair pay, a flexible approach to working to fit in with their lifestyle plus support and employment that feels more like family than work colleagues.​

Matching process

Our team are all versatile and adaptable to their environment, meaning we will match you with the ideal cleaner to your requirements and where possible we will make sure you have the same team member for all your cleans so you know who to expect. ​